• Requirements         

    All applicants must confirm:

    • That he or she is enrolled as a fellow in a U.S. infectious diseases training program
    • The case has not been published or submitted for publication elsewhere
    • That no confidential patient information is revealed
    • That if the case includes an image of a physical finding, a signed consent form from the patient or a legal guardian has been obtained and is on file 
    • All contributors have been acknowledged and have given their permission for the case to be published on www.idimages.org  
    • That the case includes the affiliations of all the contributing authors 
    • The units and reference ranges for all laboratory tests are specified     


    Each submitted case should include images that illustrate important teaching points related to infectious diseases. Examples:  

    • Fungal and mycobacterial infections
    • Viral infections
    • Bacterial infections
    • Parasitic diseases
    • Infections of immunocompromised hosts
    • Tropical infectious diseases


    signed cover letter listing these conditions and confirming that they have been met must be included with the case submission. All authors must sign the cover letter for the case to be considered.   


    Copyright information               

    If the case is published by www.idimages.org, IDSA will hold the copyright on the case to protect against its use for commercial purposes by unauthorized users. The case may be reproduced for educational purposes by writing to IDSA for permission.